Tears for Fears New Album and Rule The World Tour

The last november, Tears for Fears released Rule the World, a greatest hits album that showcases the British group’s 36-year career and features two new songs. AARP caught up with Curt Smith, 56, who with Roland Orzabal crafted new wave pop hits that were inescapable in the ’80s and remain much beloved today.

The band unveiled their first new song in 13 years, “I Love You But I’m Lost.” The song is one of two new tracks Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith recorded exclusively for their new album  greatest hits collection, Rule the World.

The 16-track Rule the World,  boasts Tears for Fears’ biggest hits like “Mad World,” “Head Over Heels,” “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” “Shout” and “Pale Shelter” alongside the two new recordings. The collection is available to preorder now.

“Mad World,” from the 1983 album The Hurting. A hit song in the U.K., it failed to chart in America but later received much attention after a cover of the song appeared on the soundtrack to the movie Donnie Darko in 2001. It since has become a staple of TV singing competitions.

“Change,” also from The Hurting. The song, built around a sampled marimba hook, was a minor MTV hit and became Tears for Fears’ first song to hit the U.S. singles chart (No. 73).

“Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” from Tears for Fears’breakout album, 1985’s Songs From the Big Chair. This was the group’s first No. 1 song in the U.S.

“Shout,” the group’s second No. 1 single from Songs From the Big Chair.

“Head Over Heels,” the third top-5 single from Songs From the Big Chair.

“Sowing the Seeds of Love,” a turn toward psychedelia and a No. 2 hit, from the 1989 album The Seeds of Love.

In a Westword interview this summer, Orzabal revealed the new album would be titled The Tipping Point and that it would feature songs like “My Demons,” “End of Night,” “Up Above the World” and “I Love You But I’m Lost.”

Rule the World Track List

  1. “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”
  2. “Shout”
  3. “I Love You But I’m Lost”
  4. “Mad World”
  5. “Sowing The Seeds Of Love”
  6. “Advice For The Young At Heart”
  7. “Head Over Heels”
  8. “Woman In Chains”
  9. “Change”
  10. “Stay”
  11. “Pale Shelter”
  12. “Mothers Talk”
  13. “Break It Down Again”
  14. “I Believe”
  15. “Raoul And The Kings Of Spain”
  16. “Closest Thing To Heaven”

For this 2018, the band announced the tour Rule The World and the concerts will be in:

England, Holland, Belgium, Italy, France, Germany,  during april and may.

About the touring life, Smith says:  “I’m quite happy doing what I’m doing right now. I feel like it’s the place I should be. And playing live now seems more obvious because, for both of us, our children are older. And so they don’t mind us going away as much. In fact, they probably encourage it. “Touring now is a lot more fun because we get to do it on our terms. You know, our terms being that we’re not going to kill ourselves. I like to see the cities that I’m playing in. We are lucky enough that we’re successful enough to be able to do it in relative comfort.”

More info: http://tearsforfears.com/

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