5 Brands Doing Instagram Marketing Right

Instagram has seen nearly a whopping 500 million users since it released. In the midst of that, the brands using visual content as a business marketing strategy is few and far between.

In a world where visual content remains crucial to the success or failure of your business, Instagram provides a unique opportunity to visually represent your brand.

There are some brands out there — in every industry, and with every type of target customer — who are reaping a return on investment thanks to social media (ROI).

Get inspired with these list of brands that are thriving on Instagram and see what sets them apart:

1) National Geographic

With a reputation for publishing printed magazines dating back to the 1800s, National Geographic could have avoided social media altogether.

Following: 63 Mill.


2) WeWork

WeWork provides beautiful co-working communities of shared office spaces in cities and countries all over the globe — so it only seems right that they’ve posted a lot of photos showcasing their engagement which has attributed to their following.

Following: 76.4K


3) GoPro

According to the “world’s most versatile camera,” it would be strange if GoPro didn’t have action pictures. GoPro encourages users of their product, capitalizing on everything from extreme sports to traveling and vacationing.

Following: 10.6 Mill.


4) Airbnb

Airbnb takes advantage of the brand and its contributors by publishing photos of places all over the world, posting about events and capturing little-known locations that could be advantageous to tourists and other visitors.

Following: 1.3 Mill.



The ASOS British retail store has a unique approach to Instagram marketing. It posts lots of core products, but it has a sizable following of more than 9 million thanks to its connectivity with individual accounts. Each individual account functions as it’s own brand ambassador, with tags that begin with “asos,” such as “@asos_megan.”

Following: 5.1 Mill.