To Be A Successful Woman Entrepreneur, Starting With Food

If you were to hear all the happy endings about successful female entrepreneurs, you’d probably believe it was the sexiest gig in the world – a job of passion and riches. Yet, if only it were that easy.

The reality of entrepreneurship is that many times your brain has to be in peak health in order to have that lifestyle, but your benefiting from your greatest long-term investment of all – personal health.


Your thoughts around food, affect your thoughts around your life.

You can use a nutritionist or some self-education to begin taking steps on enlightening yourself with this in-depth food journey and you may begin to see a correlation between what you ate and how you felt.

Manhattan-based therapist Paul Hokemeyer explains to Huffington Post “….This stress robs our bodies of serotonin, a hormone that calms our central nervous system; makes us irritable in our daily lives; interferes with relationships; and can cause us to self-medicate, whether with unhealthy foods or even alcohol.”



Now if the mental and financial health isn’t motivation enough, the food improvements you make will surely impact you by by helping to shed some pounds or build muscle.

Before we get into specific foods to try, lets cut out the everyday basics: GMO foods. Genetically modified foods can significantly alter your gut bacteria, which uses your vagus nerve to transmit information to your brain.


Try these superfoods to help increase mental and physical health: 

SPIRULINA – More protein than beef / More calcium than milk / Purify blood / Detoxify metals / decalcify brain

SPINACH – Iron / Vitamin C / A source of folate important to women brain health

HEMP SEEDS – High in magnesium for mood and energy / Omega 3 Fatty Acids / Alkalizing / amino acids

CHLORELLA – detoxify metals / Iron / Magnesium / lowers blood sugar and cholesterol

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