Drive Traffic To Your Site For Free

It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle if you’ve just started a new website or blog. I mean c’mon you know the feeling, there’s so much available to online users, and not enough hours in the day to see it all. So how do you attract visitors to your site without breaking the bank?

If you think you have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to generate continuously increased traffic to your site, think again.

So how is it done? With heavy determination and a sprinkle of creativity, you can stake your claim and make your site a superstar attraction. Here is the easiest step you can take right now to see results:

1) Content, Content, Content.

If you’ve heard this cliche a million times before, it’s probably because it’s true: content is king. The traffic you attract to your site will be determined by the quality of one factor the most –  your content.

Okay so lets start from top to bottom –  an effective headline. This is where it starts – another cliche proven to be true, first impressions are everything, so aim for the most direct, eye-catching headline you can imagine. Approach every headline like an invitation to your readers as great movie trailer they can’t resist. Just like any great movie trailer, dont give too much away, you should always leave your audience wanting more.

Now for the body of your content is cleanly written, and contains no grammatical or punctual errors. A command of the language endears respect, and shows that you’re to be taken seriously or an expert in your field.

Look for relevant topics to your niche or whatever your site is about. Check the news for the latest hot-trending stories and topics surrounding that and what interests those type of readers. When it doubt, check comment boards – people express what they want in a comment section or provide interesting angles to other stories.

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