Dealing with Divorce: 4 Times It’s Excusable to Leave

Dealing with divorce comes in all shapes and sizes, but unfortunately it’s usually the worst ones – well, sometimes that is.

We shouldn’t walk out on love, unless it’s one of the reasons you’re not happy – then that’s a different story.

It’s easy when the love you had for one another is shallow, selfish or incomplete. But when the love you had for this person changed your core, then there is no more difficult decision than deciding whether or not the person you’ve married is still the right person for you.

There are an infinite amount of bad reasons to move on from a relationship, but there are a few good reasons to move on. A new study has shown our natural instinct for getting over a loss is too quick because we just want to put it behind us and feel better, but it’s actually better to spend time reflecting on the loss. Here are four of those reasons:

1. You’re unhappy clearly because of the relationship

How much importance we give people directly relates to how we will let that relationship affect us. The status of our relationship should greatly affect the way we feel and if that’s making you feel worthless or continuously sad then you can’t be blamed for calling it quits.

2. You’ve lost your trust in your partner

Loving relationships are built upon a foundation of trust – without it, we have nothing. Just as a business, if the employees or employer can’t be trusted then that establishment is keeping the wrong company. The same standard should be held for our personal relationships – watch the company you keep.


3. Your partner doesn’t treat you the way you deserve to be treated

How do we deserve to be treated? Simple, with respect. We all deserved to be loved as the unique and wonderful human beings we are – don’t be taken for granted.

4. You’re not capable of loving the way your partner deserves to be loved

You can love someone with all your heart, but when we aren’t in the right state of mind or place in our lives to be who our partner needs us to be, it’s time to let go.




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