A Closer Look: Wynwood’s Panther Coffee

When it comes to top-notch coffee in Miami, Panther Coffee has earned some major street cred. There are tons of cafes in Miami’s artsy neighborhood of Wynwood, but it’s safe to say this establishment has Miamians’s drinking a cup of joe a bit differently.

Panther Coffee knows quality in both produce and java – it’s owners strive to educate the local community on specialty coffee so this coffeehouse goes beyond just roasting and brewing. Keeping your order completely transparent, Joel and Leticia Pollock roast their own beans, curated from small farms showcased on information sheets in the coffeeshop about each grower.


However, it doesn’t stop there at just coffee – when does Miami ever sleep? It’s not just about the java at this location, but the community. It’s located right in the heart of Wynwood, which can basically be considered the central nervous system of Miami’s artistic expression with constant live paintings nearby, art installations, fashion and of course, coffee shops. Everyday you can find an amazing customer base that creates, plans and writes ideas that shape the city right here.

According to eater.com, even one muralist Jenny Perez that showcases her work on walls surrounding the shop says “The best part for me as an artist: all the artists that I follow on Instagram and admire, who have a million followers—they’re having coffee here.” She continues, “I can talk to them. Meet with them. Take pictures with them and ask them about their inspiration, drink with them and you know, they’re accessible. They’re really cool. That’s awesome, so it still has its charm.”

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