When you’re a busy entrepreneur your free time is slim and valuable. However, to consistently grow mentally and business-wise, one must continue to level up their game – so how do we level up? Well books, they can take up too much time and videos, well they can require too much focus if you’re having to watch the screen. So the choice is only natural, enter the world of podcasts.

2014 was the come out year for podcasts and 2015 was the year they became mainstream. Whatever industry you’re interested in, there’s probably a podcast with experts discussing it and bringing new perspectives – politics, sports, history, music, language, and storytelling–you name it. In fact, here are three specific benefits entrepreneurs can gain by consuming podcasts:

Redeemed Time and Continued Personal Growth

One of the most popular categories for podcasts is marketing and business for young entrepreneurs so that should tell you something alone right there – it’s time for you to hop on the train all other like-minded successful people are on.

Related to the point above, podcasts allow listeners to grow more in their general knowledge or even an expertise about a topic all while redeeming time that could have been wasted on an inane task. All of a sudden, commutes are turned into classrooms and dog walks becomes a time for mental growth.

Introduction to New Ideas

It’s like watching a news program except the information being given is specific to you. Since the podcaswt host isn’t abided to go by any script from another producer or TV program, the topics often prove to be new and unfamiliar topics and ideas.

Cultural Awareness

When you’re subscribed to a podcast you don’t miss any part of the ride. Podcasts are on the leading edge of technology and information so those who are frequent listeners, often will be more aware of the changes in culture first.

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