10 self-awareness questions you MUST ask yourself for HUGE self-improvement

New Year, new me – right?

Well folks let’s be real, the answer is – No!

The sad reality is that without making a plan or setting small goals, you’re often times on the road to nowhere and you may just find yourself feeling bombarded instead.

To crush 2018 and kill it with massive self-improvement not just in the beginning, but throughout the year, ask yourself these 10 self-awareness questions consistently:

1. What am I most grateful for?

2. What area(s) of life do I want to improve?

3. What are my goals for 2018?

4. What helps me achieve my goals, why?

5. Where am I stuck? Do I have a system for getting unstuck?

6. How do I push my limits and expand my comfort zone?

7. What life lessons have I learned in 2017, what will change this year?

8. How would these areas look if they were improved?


“If my life changes, I know I will be able to”:


9. How can I turn my weaknesses into strengths?

10. How’s my progress towards my top 3 goals?

Goal #1:

Goal #2:

Goal #3:

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