Some may think working in the fashion industry is all about the glitz and glam, but boy could that be wrong – we all know hard work isn’t for anyone, which is what it actually entails.

Before starting your career in fashion as the next star designer, stylist, or magazine editor, here are three things to consider:


If you don’t know where to start then let’s start from beginning, and that’s with having a passion for passion. It’s not about reading top magazines like Vogue or Cosmpolitan, it’s not about just binge watching America’s Next Top Model. It actually might like something more like this – suffering mental abuse from a boss during 12 hour work days, spending money on fabrics and sample items instead of drinks out on the town or even sacrificing some time from your love life.

So, the question really is how much will you sacrifice for fashion?




There are some industries where who you know can matter more than what you know and the fashion industry is undoubtedly one of them. Here are some ways to start networking:

  • Meeting the right people in school
  • Use social media to connect with people in your niche
  • Attend fashion shows – you can start by affiliating yourself with a media platform by becoming a writer or influencer in the industry.
  • Research and go to networking events related to your niche




Wrong! If you don’t come from a family or know a mentor that can teach you all the essential skills you need, then you need to learn the skills that’ll get you employed or get you creating great designs on your own.

However, don’t trust all institutions or just trust the first one that falls in your lap. Do the research on your own to find what suits you best. A well-round expertise in designing, measurements, etc. can help you start a brand all of your own before you can afford to create one on your own.