7 Hairstyling Hacks With A Pencil

Ready for a lesson on hair? Well, just like grade school we’ll need you to whip out those No.2 pencils.

Who knew a pencil could create super tight curls? Or heat-free curls? Or a perfect french-twist undo?

The editors at Cosmopolitan showcase some impressive and surprising ways to style your hair with the pencil, but wait – not so fast. Remember to keep the No.2 pencil unsharpened to avoid any beauty mishaps.

Here are the 7 hairstyling hacks:

1.) Pencil Cage Braid
2.) Double Pencil Twist
3.) Pencil Glam Roll
4.) Flat Iron Pencil Curls
5.) Pencil Braided Bun
6.) Pencil French Twist
7.) Pencil Dutch Braided bun




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