7 Outfit Ideas Inspired By Instagram Influencers

Some of the best fashion inspirations come straight from instagram – everything from sweats to leopard coats toblazers.

1 Jessie Bush
Fashion takeaway: Shine in a metallic accented bottom piece. This trend makes for a effortless way to pull off sneakers and a T-shirt

2 Tamu McPherson
Fashion takeaway: Dare to catch some eyes – top off some printed pants with metallic boots and a leopard coat.

3 Yoyo Cao
fashion takeaway: Take track pants to a whole new level in style. Then use fashionable sweatshirt (Gucci of course) and some pointed to top it off.

4 Blair Eadie
fashion takeaway: Going for a Parisian look? Use denim overalls along with a neck scarf and fit jacket to represent that foreign flare.
5 Nina Hu
fashion takeaway: You cant go wrong with Adidas – yet, you can take it to a whole new level if you layer it with a crisp blazer.
6 Rocky Barnes
fashion takeaway:The little black dress might be played out, trade it in for a suit to stand out – a metallic, matching suit that is.
7 Pamela Allier
fashion takeaway: Winter can utilize some duller colored clothes in our wardrobe. Bring some fun with a rainbow-colored coat.

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