There have been many studies done showing that there is a direct correlation in the way kids treat animals to the kind of adults they will grow up to be.  With that being said it’s just another reason to teach your children to be compassionate and kind to all animals.  It goes farther than just the animals but it also teaches them to be respectful and considerate.


Being kind to animals doesn’t mean you have to have a dog or cat in your home.  It can be about animals at a petting zoo, the neighbor’s pets, a classroom pet, or even the caterpillar or lizard in your yard.  It’s about teaching kids to respect animals by not touching an animal that doesn’t want to be touched.  By giving them responsibility of caring for an animal, if not a dog or cat maybe a goldfish.  If your child is old enough let them volunteer at a shelter and learn firsthand about animal care.


On a smaller scale you can plant a butterfly garden in your yard to observe the bees and butterflies.  You could suggest an afternoon walk on the beach to pick up trash to protect the birds and fish that could be hurt from the debris left behind.  If you do own a pet make sure to teach your kid’s the importance of keeping your pet safe and healthy by spaying or neutering, micro chipping and always wearing their ID tags.  Allow your children to be involved in their daily care from feeding to brushing and they will grow up best friends of not only your household pets but all animals!



Author: Tracy Calvino

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