Spring will be here before we know it and that means spring cleaning and organizing.  Many of you will start with the dreaded closet that is stuffed with clothes, probably some you don’t even wear.  I’m not throwing shade, I will stand guilty that one.  So let’s talk about a few easy ways to get that closet organized once and for all.  How about we start with that clothes you never wear?  A good rule of thumb is if you have not worn it in a year you most likely won’t, so toss it.  When you look at your closet I bet the clothes you always wear are right at eye level and smack in the center of your closet.  So let’s start from the other sides and honestly get rid of what doesn’t fit, isn’t in style anymore, or you just don’t wear.



If you are one of those that has to keep the closet looking neat try using the same style of hangers maybe even in the same color.  You can take that a step farther even and organize your wardrobe by colors and by seasons.  This makes it easier to find things when looking for them and easier to match up outfits. You can also add hooks on an empty wall for extra storage of purses or belts.


Now for an idea to try and keep that closet organized year round is to purge clothes every time you bring a new piece of clothes home, get rid of something.  If you bring home 5 items, get rid of 5 items, with this method you will keep your wardrobe rotating.  You can take these items you are purging and donate them or if they are in really great shape, or dare I say…still have the tags on them…you can try to sell them online or at a consignment shop.  Who knows you might make a little extra cash to go shopping!




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