Need Professional Videos On A Small Budget?

As a a marketer, you know video content can can help create an online presence, but how do you do it without breaking the bank?

Any marketing team will tell you it’s imperative to create compelling content for your business, social media or website so you might as well research on how to save first – the more you save, the more you can re-invest.

Here are some low-budget tips anyone can do to have a video worthy of going viral:

Steady Footage:

The steady placement of your video can make or break your content at times. The foundation for a good shot is simply a good physical foundation. That can be anything from a tripod to a bag of rice, stacking shoe boxes or even getting creative with a plastic cup by cutting sides and sitting your phone horizontally inside as pictured below.


Natural Light:

Whenever possible use natural light and avoid indoor lighting, which is weaker is less pleasing to the viewer. Ever heard of “golden hour”? Thats one hour before sunset, when the lighting is even and shoots best.

Another trick is aluminum foil on cardboard. Wrapping aluminum around the cardboard allows the natural light bounce off the lens nicely.



Imovie and Windows Movie Maker are all free programs that are definitely sufficient for all your video editing needs.


The only hard part to tackle now is keeping your viewer hooked, remember you have about 5 seconds to capture their attention so hurry up!

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